Drop Disney


Disney wants Your kids. We're fighting back.

Why do they hate us?

They hate you for protecting your children’s innocence.

They hate you for not handing your kids over for indoctrination.

They hate you for not traumatizing them with fake ideologies about race and gender.

It’s time to stop giving money to people who hate you.

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I’m investigative reporter Christopher Rufo. I’ve exposed dozens of corporations and government agencies for pushing woke ideology on their employees.

Let me tell you: Disney’s hateful, disgusting indoctrination campaign goes far beyond anything I’ve seen before.

We all need to act now, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing, to make an example out of them and to warn other child-focused companies not to mess with our kids.

Last year, I obtained whistleblower documents that unmasked Disney’s secret critical race theory training program—and it was horrifying. They pushed memos about America’s “systemic racism,” told employees to complete a “white privilege checklist,” encouraged support for “defund the police,” and divided employees into racially-segregated “affinity groups.”

Amid this flood of race-baiting nonsense, Disney insisted that employees commit to “raising race-consciousness in children” starting at six months old, because even babies are racist.

Suddenly the cartoons and amusement parks we all grew up enjoying … didn’t seem so wholesome.

Then, this year, it got worse.

Whistleblowers at the company sent me disturbing videos of Disney executives implementing their new, “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” in top-level meetings with the CEO. They banned the use of the words “girls” and “boys” at their theme parks and discussed how to make “trans,” “bisexual,” and “gender nonconforming” characters attractive to kids through cartoons.

Parents everywhere have been speaking out. Swearing off the amusement parks. Throwing out the merchandise. Canceling Disney+ subscriptions. #BoycottDisney already has half a million retweets.

But Disney’s corporate president Karen Burke, the self-described “mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” is just doubling down. She thinks your kids belong to her. That it’s her job to fill their heads with her woke bigotry and scar their eyes with the latest sexual fads.

It’s time she heard from us. Together, we’re powerful. We can come together and Drop Disney.

Click this link—it will take you to the Disney+ cancellation page, if you’re a subscriber.

And even if you’re not, you can sign the pledge below not to pay a dime for any more subscriptions, vacations, merchandise, or entertainment that bears the Disney name or logo.

In my mind, that castle and those characters are now associated with these creepy people and their aggressive interest in my kids. My family has already Dropped Disney. Yours should, too.

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I have grown up with Disney characters and movies. They were cherished family events when raising my 4 children. I was looking forward to be a grandfather and to share these wonders with many more children. It saddens me, that I will have to raise them without Disney. That I have to protect them from a company that gave us so much. How could you let this happen?

Romans 1:18-32

This is not for me, but for my future children who will face such a world of darkness. I hope and pray they will live in the light and appreciate the good things of this world, while remembering that it’s only their temporary home. I never had a Disney+ subscription and now I know for sure I will never get one unless Disney changes its policies.

I grew up thinking of Disneyland, Disney World, the Disney movies, and Disney products as some of the very best things in life.

Now all that is changed. It is now one of my greatest passions to do everything I can to expose this warped company and their sick values to everyone who has yet to hear the story.

Dear Disney Execs, Disney isn’t Disney anymore. It’s something else and it’s not good. You ruined it. You’re not getting our money, and we’ll do just fine without your woke “product.” There’s a world of graphics, cartoons and art, traditional fairy tales and legends we can spend precious time on, so we don’t need you.

I am no longer subscribed to Disney+. How could I ever financially support a business that has such a vested interest in sexually corrupting the future of our nation? Let this be a lesson to you Disney. Keep your perverted Marxist hands and programming off OUR kids!  A CIVILIZED society PROTECTS its children.

Huge Disney fan here…dozens of Disney cruises, park trips, Adventures By Disney vacations, and a house full of merchandise. No more. Now that Disney has decided to change their mission from providing wholesome family entertainment to one of harming children, I can’t in good conscience give them my money knowing it will be used to further this evil agenda.

I’ve been a Disney. Star Wars. and Marvel comics fan for over 50 years. This is painful. I hope that Disney reverses course. Until then, not another dime.

We dropped our Disney+ subscription in response to your coverage of the Disney executives’ plan to “add queerness” wherever they can. Thank you! They won’t get any more of my money.

You are giving me the Avenue I need to send the message to Disney that if they are going to embrace far left ideologies, I will not support them by buying their products or going to their attractions. I am alerting all of my social media friends that this is available. If Disney goes bankrupt, they will have done it to themselves.

Longtime Disney fan here. Disneyland Passholder for years, spending thousands on food and merchandise at the park, Club 33, a Disney Cruise, their movies, and the Disney Store. Disney evoked a feeling of innocence, nostalgia, and optimism for the future.  There was nothing remotely sexual about it. By catering to a small but loud mob with a radical agenda, Disney is alienating a massive and loyal part of its customer base.  We have canceled Disney+ and will not spend a single dime on any more Disney products.